The Grey Lands campaign is a vast and expansive world centered around a huge desert wasteland. Here the destiny of the rest of the world will be determined as powerful, growing forces move to increase their influence. While much of the world sees little of magic, the wastelands see quite a bit of magical energy, and spells cast here are easier to create and stronger in their effects. The Grey Lands are near the center of this magical energy and — for those seeking its power — will rapidly become the center of conflict.

For our characters, the story begins after their city is taken in war, the characters are thrown out into the treacherous desert. Everyone associated with the ruling class is exiled to avoid dissent and insurrection. Where ever their loyalties were before, its now to each other as they try to survive.

The environment gradually gives way to desert monsters as the characters become unintentional saviors of other refugees. Their home — the City of Quartz — knew many people who could handle the Wastelands, but those who accompany our party into the desert know little about survival and can’t handle a weapon.

Seeking shelter in an ancient city, the character’s journey really begins as they find long underground passageways and find they’re trespassing in a subterranean world. So the adventure begins

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The Grey Lands